Best Way to Find Legal Assistance on Contingency

By Joan

I won’t paste my dissertation here, but suffice it to say, we believe we have a legitimate and solid case that we hope to present to the court in effort to receive reimbursement from the landlord for choices they have made that are (in our opinion) in direct violation of the lease, the laws of the state, and our rights.

I’m interested in the best method to locate an attorney who might be willing to take our case on contingency. I believe we would be very successful in court.

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June 16th, 2010 9:25 am

For landlord tenant disputes it will be very difficult to find an attorney to represent you on a contingency basis.  Attorney’s will take on case when they are sure they will win or most likely win such as:  Personal Injury, Car Accidents, etc.  Usually they do this when they are suing “Deep Pockets” such as insurance companies or large corporations.  
For the rental industry you will probably not find an attorney willing to accept your case without some type of retainer.  I guess the logical question I have is this:  If you have such a sure win lawsuit against your landlord, why not hire an attorney at your own cost?  Why would you be so quick to give up 30 to 50% of your court winnings when you could keep all the money?
The other question I have is concerning you landlord or property management company.  Do you really think they are loaded?  Most landlords and property management companies run on a shoestring and do not have much money.   The rental business is also most likely protected under an LLC (limited liability Company) making your ability to get much money very difficult.
I’d be interested in finding out what your case is.  Please do post it here!  I’m willing to tell you if you really have a good lawsuit against your landlord.


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