Black Mold In My Apartment

By Irma

I have a serious problem with mold in my apartment. Black mold, green mold, white mold. I can’t keep the mold under control at all. I already told my landlord that if he can take any action on black mold removal, but it was not been taken care of.  I keep my house relatively clean, but the mold is growing from underneath my carpet and from inside the walls.Who do I contact about this? I’m frightened, I’m having severe breathing problems now, and I can’t get my landlords or maintenance people to fix this problem, I need to be relocated to an other apartment, but I want to move away from this place. I’m too poor to move with my own money, please someone give me information on who to call and tell about this terribly disgusting problem I have with my apartment and my manager who’s doing nothing but trying to cover this problem up. I need to be relocated to an other apartment, but I want to move away from this place. 

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August 11th, 2011 7:10 am

Thank you for posting a very important topic. Mold problems should be brought into the public eye! Severe health problems can arise from a lack of understanding and lack of proactive moves by citizens. To test my old apartment for any type of mold I used mold test kits.

This way I had proof as to what kind of mold was growing. Take a lot of pics, and get out now!
Thanks again for the post!


June 26th, 2012 4:56 am

landlord is aware of black mold under b/r sink I just cleaned b/hin fridg and under k/sink & cab the smell was rea bad I have a cough w/phlem bottom 3/12 I movd in – 6/25 complaint’s go fiq my fault .. HELP……………


October 11th, 2013 5:21 pm

Hi Irma, If you have already told your manager or landlord about your problems in your apartment, and they have not made any move so far, What you can do is make sure you document all the molds that you have seen in the area of your apartment by taking photos and lastly, file a complaint with RPA. $35 is all it would take to help you solve this matter. Since you said you have financial issues and you can’t afford to transfer to a new apartment right away, the $35 fee will not gonna be as bad as paying for an attorney plus the time it can consume you. So file a complaint now and I hope your problems will be resolved in no time.


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