By Jena

Hi, I moved into my apartment 4 months ago. At first I didn’t notice any bugs but gradually I started to find bed bugs centipedes, ants, giant waterbugs etc Basically a serious infestation. The bldg is in need of serious renovations. Anyway, I’m thinking of leaving before my lease is up. When I moved in I gave my landlord first, last, security, plus two months rent. Alot. There’s no term in my rental contract that states what happens if I want to move early and break my lease. I’ve contacted him about the infestation and he wants me to pay for it. 

Can he keep my security deposit (all the rent I paid to move in + secutiy) if I leave before the end of the lease???

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July 26th, 2013 1:20 am

Hi Jena. I understand what you are feeling right now. I, too am renting in a rental unit that have the same problems as yours.The only difference is that my landlord caters all the treatment costs and now I am bug free. Normally when it comes to pests treatment the one responsible for it is the landlord unless proven otherwise that the tenant brought the pests in. If you are planning to terminate your lease early then you need to review your lease to see if there are any fees associated to it. Also you need to serve your landlord with a written notice to vacate the rental unit.


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