by mistake vacate appartment 1 month early but didn’t know that lease was expiring after 1 month, not they are changing 2 times more then rent

By Ram

I been living in the appartment from last 3 years. I alwasy sign 6 month lease. While printing a lease paper computer alwasy print one month extra. For example if I move in on 3th of Feb and if I ask for 6 month lease, it prints 30th of August. Now for last 2 lease I checked it and they correct it to end of July. I don’t need to do any thing, first I need to sign the lease and they will change the dates later and send me the corrected copy. This works out good for last 2 six month lease. The issue happens when I signed 3rd lease. I ask for 6 month lease. I moved in on 3rd of January. When I sign the lease it shows up to 31st of July so I simply sign it and let the appt people know that they need to change the date to June end instead of July end. After that I was assuming that they have changed this matter as my last 2 lease they have done it. Unfortunately they didn’t change it this time and I vacate my appt end of June by giving proper advance notice. When I went to check the final bill they hand it over $ 1500 penalty bill. When I ask then they reply that I have breake the lease. I explain them that I have informed you when I was signing the lease. But they are saying that we don’t consider that this is what you have signed and we will go to dept collection agency if you don’t  pay. I explain that if my lease was not expiring then why they didn’t inform me when I was vacating the unit.  I explain them why should I have to break the lease for only one month. They don’t want to listen any thing. My mistake is that I inform them only varble regarding the lease and now they are turning the signed paper against me.  I need help in this as this is unrealist changes..



Edited on: Friday, March 25th, 2011 5:37 pm

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