can a landlord make night repairs?

By frossty

I was wondering
 should work on the place only happen in the day?
do they have to give some kind of notice if there going to work late?
I live in an up stair apartment.
the landlord has her daughter watching the place.
I ignore the yelling kids and loud music and tv durning the day.
but I try to at least get to bed by 10pm I get up early for work.
well the last two nights there has been hammering,pounding and drilling
past midnight. first night I ignored it best I could (got only maybe 3 hrs of sleep)
last night really tired getting sick with headache from lack of sleep.
I tried calling mulitpule times last time laft a message
even called her husband finally
got him he said well I am working on the bathroom bellow have to do it in my free time.
then I get a text from her saying
"were going to be working late your going to get headphones"
I had no notice. and they never do anything for my place.
its always for them.
they even put there moterhome up for winter where my vistitors are to park and where I have to back
up to get out so it makes it hard to even get out for me.
can landlords legaly do this??

Edited on: Sunday, September 16th, 2012 1:29 pm

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September 17th, 2012 6:25 am

ok back again. now because I asked about when the noise would end I am getting evicted.
yeah I was so much trouble. I should just put up with all they do and not say a thing to no one. so got a call from the landlord daughter saying you have 30 days and when I asked why she said she didn’t need to have a reason.


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