Can he change Verbal Agreement and Increase Rent for Cable

By Shirls

I have just recently rented an apt from a friend the apt is located in the house where my friend also resides.  We discussed the terms and negotiated the rent.  He wanted $850 but we came to terms on $800.00 a month, the rents include the following:

A one bedroom, 1 bath and a living room apt; water, garbage, wifi and cable in both the bedroom and living room.  When I moved in on August 15 I had cable in both living room and bedroom as expected.  But I inquire about certain channels I like to watch for example Lifetime and a few others.  He told me after I move in he only had basic channels which I was unaware of; but I decide that was fine.  Apparently the new tent that moved in at the same time had the same issues and questions regarding the cable. 

So here is where my issue is: the landlord/ Friend decided to go and switch companies and I guess up grade the cable w/ ATT.  He never discussed this with me and had the cable guy come into my apt without notifying me (another issue). 

Well he only added the cable in my bedroom and not in the living room, when I called to discuss this with him, I ask about the cable in the living room and he stated to me that I would have to pay $30 extra now for the cable (I feel he is trying to extort this money from me) which he only added into my bedroom and if I wanted it my living room I would have pay for that as well.  I had said that the agreement we made included the cable in both rooms and it is included in the rent and I stated that I will not be paying for the new cable service which he decided to add without asking me.  He stated, I do not know what to tell you but that I had to pay and he was not going to add the cable into the living room.  His solution was when I want to watch TV in the living room, that disconnect the box in the bed and bring it to the living room and when I am ready to go to the bedroom to disconnted again and re-connect; which is ridiculous because that is not what I sign up for; the living room is where I would go when I get home from work to relax and eat dinner as well as entertain.  For the past week I have had to eat sleep and entertain in my bedroom; so now it is like only am living in a studio apt. 

My expectations were to have a living room where I was able to entertain watch TV and relax as well as to have cable in my bedroom and it was included in the cost of the rent.

Does he have the right to change this verbal agreement and change the expectations which we both agree to? They are other issues; does he have the right to just go into my apt without giving me ample notice? (as i mention he had the cable guy go into my apt without any notice).  I wanted to let him know he has one of two choices, deduct $150 since I do not really have the use of my living room as I expected or the other option is I add my own cable in both rooms as we agreed and I deduct it from the rent as well.

Please note the it has been a week and half, the day the cable was added I said we need to meet up face to face; so there would be no confuision I ask to meet him on Wednesday or Thursday of last week and again yesterday but he has not made an temp to meet.

 I look forward to your reponse. Sincerely Shirley without cable…. 

Edited on: Thursday, March 15th, 2012 12:27 pm

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