Can I be evicted?

By Curious31

I am currently 8 days late paying rent and my landlord has threaten to evict me if rent is not paid in 24hrs. I’m told that in the State of Alabama, it’s up to the landlord but they’re not even sure. Can my landlord evict me even if I’m less than 1 month late on rent? I’m not sure how this works, but if someone could please enlighten me. I have read over the my lease agreement and the lease does not specify what day my landlord will file for eviction, if rent is not paid. PLEASE HELP. Thanks

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March 25th, 2009 6:26 am

As a real estate attorney I deal with eviction cases constantly. To better help you understand. Your signed lease agreement states that you will pay rent in full by the 1st of the month, or another date that is agreed upon. It may include a 5 day grace period before a late fee is charged. When you fail to pay your rent in full by the date agreed upon in the contract, you are in breach of the contract. Once you breach your contract your landlord can start the eviction process. To help you understand, the eviction process can start as quickly as 1 day after being late.


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