Can landlord make me get rid of my washer/dryer?

By Katinar


I’m wondering if my landlord can MAKE me get rid of my washer / dryer?
In the middle of either my current lease or the one right before it, a new company bought out the apartment complex that I live in. A little while later, they said that they would be putting a free washer and dryer in the apartments without one, and we told them that we have our own so we wouldn’t need it. No problem. 
I went in on 8/20 to let them know that we would be renewing our lease for a year, providing 60 days notice, and there was no mention of the washer and dryer. They said they would call me to verify the details that day and would email me the lease for electronic signature. 
On 9/4 I had heard nothing from them, so I went back into the office to get an update. They had no record of me coming in to notify them, so I let them know once again that I planned to renew for a year. The wrote it down again, and brought over a paper showing what we could expect for the monthly rate and what that included… one of those things was a monthly fee for a washer and dryer. I told them that we own our own our own appliances and had since before they took over so we shouldn’t be paying the fee to rent one. She told me that I should just sell them so they can put their own in. I told her that I had no intention of selling them nor was I going to pay to store the appliances just so I could pay more to use theirs, and that we’d received no previous notice of this. She talked to another person in the office and then told me that she’d have to email corporate to get approval on it. 
After once again hearing nothing for a week, I went in to check on the status of it. Again, she told me that they have to put their in and I’d have to get rid of mine. I *again* told her that I had no intention of doing so, that we’d received no notice of this as a requirement to our lease and that we’d had them before they took over until now with no problems. And, again, she told me that she was going to email corporate to see what to do, something that was supposed to have been done a week ago. 

I now have just over a month until my current lease ends and my question is this:
Can the landlord REQUIRE that I sell my appliances?
If I refuse, can they evict me?
I know for a FACT that there is nothing in the lease nor did we sign anything in regards to this. As for changes in the lease or termination, a 60 day notice is required. I can’t afford to sell the appliances (which were a wedding gift) only to have to buy them again when we move out hopefully next year, nor can I afford to pay storage on them for another year minimum, and there’s absolutely no way I can scrape together all of the money that’s required in order to move to a new place in one month. Also, I can’t afford to pay the month to month rate if they refuse to renew because of this, which is about 5-600 higher. 
If they try to make me sell them or evict me for it, what can I do?

Sorry for the long post, and thank you for your time. 

Edited on: Tuesday, March 26th, 2013 8:24 pm

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