Can my landlord…

By nancy

i rented my apartment online from okla and my daughter went to complex and looked at the model for me in texas. she said it was beautiful and it was ok go ahead and rent , so i did when me and my movers arrived  the apartment was horrible my daughter met us there and she cried mom please forgive me this looks nothing like the model not even close. but i was stuck it was sat afternoon late and the movers  and i had just driven 12 hrs and i had no choice but to move on in, i had done everything online and leased for a full  12mo. pd deposits and pet deposits half non refundable . the first thing the airconditioner didnt work the first    three days i was here  and the apartment is dirty and has mold around bathe tiles bathroom celing bubbled and ready to cave in fixtures and appliances very old and out of date rented apartment with washer and dryer  they were not here when i arrived but were put in a week later. i try not to complain but feeel i have been totally taken advantage of, multiple conversations and questions was totally misreprested to me and my daughter

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January 24th, 2009 8:21 pm

Yes– you are right your landlord should not be able to show you one model unit and then rent out a dirty or different unit. So, what are your rights? Nothing less you have the right to an equal or similar unit to what was shown and promised. If the unit is much different than the model, I have a suggestion. I suggest you have a friend ask for a tour of the model… while they are in the model unit have the friend snap as many photos as possible, especially of areas that are of debate. Have the friend act as though she is interested, or in other words don’t make it obvious. She can tell the manager she wants to show them to her husband or parents.
Once you do that you will then have proof to take to the manager. At that point you will be better adapted to demand that your unit be brought to the same condition. If you are sick of working with management, you can file a complaint with the RPA and they will mediate for you. However, that will cost you $35 to file the complaint, really nothing, but still it will be more than free.


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