Can my landlord do this?

By bill bob

I have rented from my lanlord for a little more than three years and I have a wife and two kids. I had quit my job for personal reasons that I had worked for five years and began having problems paying. I told him right then that I didn’t think I would be able to keep living there due to how expensive it is. He then told me he was more than able to work with me on this issue and I told him I would greatly appreciate it and would pay asap. I was able to get it caught up and had began my new job so it wasn’t a problem. Then my new job started not having work not available and I was laid off. I haven’t had a lease since the first year I lived here and when I began falling behind again he would tack on $10 a day late fee. Now I know without the lease I am not obligated to pay it but I figured he said he would work with me so I would work with him. When I contacted him from falling behind I asked if he could stop the late fees and I could catch the rent up fully then i could pay him payments on the late fees that i had so it wouldn’t be so much to catch up and stay caught up, but he was unwilling. Now at $750 a month two hundred eighty to three hundred dollars a month is alot extra and I cannot get caught up. My question is without a lease in the state of pennsylvania is he able to evict me in ten days or is there a law requiring him to give me more time?

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April 2nd, 2009 6:29 am

First of all the lease you initially signed is still valid. When your lease agreement expired it automatically kicked over into a month to month agreement. The terms you originally agreed to are still legally binding. I’m sorry to hear about your employment situation, however, it doesn’t make much of a difference as to why you are behind in rent payments.
Your landlord has every right to charge you a late fee. Technically, you are in breach of your agreement the day after your rent is due. Your landlord can evict you for being just one day late on rent. I’m not sure about Pennsylvannia, but most states including mine only require 3 days before you are evicted. So if your landlord is giving you a full 10 days– that is generous. Try looking at it from his perspective, if you don’t pay your rent– your landlord will have to. I don’t know too many landlords that are willing to pay their tenants rent.


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