Carpets full of cat pee and fleas with little to no help from the landlord

By William D Barnhart Jr

About two weeks ago, I moved from a 3 bed into a smaller more economic friendly 2 bed apartment within the same apartment complex in dallas pennsylvania.  The landlord said she had the carpets shampoo’d twice and professionally steam cleaned once.  When I walked into the new place, I felt the carpets were still not clean and it smelled like cat pee in various spots around the apartment.  So I had a professional steam cleaning service come in just to make sure the carpets were clean.  I was told by the carpet cleaning guy that if the smell still exists, the pad beneath the carpet is no longer good.  I then asked the landlord if she could replace the 600 square feet of carpet.  An immediate answer of NO came from her mouth.

I prceeded to move in.  I then found exactly 33 fleas on my little white Bischon Dog within 30 minutes of being in the apartment.  I contacted the landlord and they purchased a fogger kit and fogged the place.

For the next 7 days, I was still pulling about 10-20 fleas from the dog each day.  So I decided to fog again on both saturday and sunday.  Now it has been almost two full weeks since moving in and the carpets still smell like cat pee and the fleas still exist in the apartment even after three fog bombs.  It is to the point that I am afraid to let my 8 month old daughter down on the floor.  I have talked to a local pest control agency earlier this morning and they were going to be in contact with my landlord about the flea problem.  But I have a feeling the landlord may not be very cooperative.  How should I go about correcting my problem?

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February 20th, 2011 10:14 pm

Our rental apartment has fleas from a former tenant. Now that the weather is getting warmer, the flea eggs are hatching. The landlord has sprayed twice to no avail. He refuses to do any more. He is letting us out of our lease and returning our security. However, we feel that this situation was due to his negligence. We have damages now that wouldn’t have occured but for the landlord’s failure to disinfect the property. Our furniture is infested now and is ruined. Our mattresses are ruined as well. The landlord has refused to reimburse us for our loss.

Is there a North Carolina statute that would apply to this situation?



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