Discrimination – Only woman can have large dogs

By No Breasts

I went through a broker and was shown a "pet friendly" condo. While looking at the place for the first time I met a female neighbor with a large dog. We talked a bit. The broker showed me the condo and said that I the first tenant. She claimed it was brand new. I questioned the indents of furniture in the carpeting and she claimed that the place was staged at one time. I loved the place, and filled out an application which included my 2 dogs and their breeds. I was approved after a background and credit check. 2  days later I was in the brokers office to sign lease paper with the landlord. After writing checks for 2 months security and 1 months rent, I handed over 1 months rent cost as the broker fee, in cash as requested. Signed the lese and then was told that only dogs under 25 pounds are allowed. I was now stuck in a year lease hat would not allow my dogs to live with me. I own a dog kennel so I had to place my dogs there to live. I have been losing $80. per day plus $100. per day on prime and holidays in my business because I can book the suite my dogs live in. Then moving into the apartment I found someone’s personal belongings in drawers and closets. I then started receiving mail for the prior occupant. This was rented to someone before me. A total lie and bait & switch. I questioned the landlord about the woman with the large dog and he claimed he is evicting her because of the dog. According to her, she claims he gave her permission to have the dog and she was moving because her lease was up and she had bought a house. Now all of a sudden a new tenant is living in the complex and she has a large dog. One of my neighbors claim that she is related to the landlord. It is apparent to me that my landlord will bend over backwards for woman, especially attractive ones, and since I am a male living with my male partner, I am not allowed to have my dogs with me. This screams discrimination to me. Can I sue for my rent, brokers fee, and loss of income in my business because of this situation? If I knew my dogs were not allowed to live with me I would have found a different place. I was under the impression that since my application was approved that my dogs were welcome. I have an affidavit from the woman who moved out stating she wasn’t evicted and she was given permission to have a large dog, and I have photos of the new tenant walking her dog on different dates. What can I do because I am sick over this?

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