Don’t rent from Employer

By Ramm

I have benn working for my employer from June 28 2012 as a mover. He’s one of those screamers but as there arent to many jobs where I live I put up with it. In May of 2013 a studio my employer owns became available and he asked me to rent it as I was already looking for a new place to live. We made verbal agreement that I wouldn’t have to pay a security deposit as I worked for him, and that he would pay the electrical due to the fact his office was on the other side of my studio. Everything went pretty smoothly besides the fact that once in a while if I wasn’t home he come into my place and take my cigaretts. THEN in late Nov 2013 I got hurt at work and when I told him  I needed to see a doctor, he said "Suck it Up" and "It’s your problem deal with it." I ended up with the state Workmans Comp Division and when he found out, he’s gone totally Ballistic. First he called and threatend me several times. I then informed he would have to respond to a lawyer if he did it again. then the begining of Dec. he disconnected my hot water, then two days later he went and cut two feet off my cable from the dish to my studio. I filed police reports for these incidents but they happened when I was not home and no one saw him do it all they could do was take pictures and write a report. Three days after that he came into my home when i wasn’t there and removed the Main Electric wires from my indoor breaker box and left the wires uncovered and still live (HOT) in my panel. Thats 150 amps of live wire. It could have cuased a major fire or I could have been elecuted just by touching the panel. Also it was -25 degrees that night. I filed another report with the police and they said the would talk with him, but that hasn’t happened yet. I was also given an eviction notice with a bunch of lies on INCLUDING the fact that I didn’t pay a security deposit and that I did not put electrical in my name and that I haven’t paid the electric from when I moved in in May. Even worse is hes refused to pay me for my last months work and he doesn’t have workmans comp ins, which means a lawyer won’t even touch the case. Can I sue him for the threats, cutting my cable, and espically for (I think trying to kill me) what he did with the electric panel, to include illegally enter my home?

Edited on: Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 9:28 pm

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