how do I get my abusive boyfriend off my lease

By Heather

My boyfriend didn’t pay a penny of our deposit..which was $1000 that I really dont want to loose…but we also signed a one year contract..paying $750 per month…for a tiny studio with mold and roaches…and now my boyfriend has become abusive and I cant live with him anymore.  The police in Oakland said…because he is on my lease too…they could escort me to get my things from there but they cant kick himout if hes been there for more than 30 days already.  Well hes been there for 5 months…still has yet to pay a penny of anything…the rent…the utilities..didnt keep his agreement of going half with me on the expenses.  Now on top of me getting pushed to pay the whole thing because he gave up on looking for a job… now he is tearing my things up…broke all my dishes…cut up all my clothes.  I cant be there anymore…but the police say because he is on the lease…that I have to find somewhere to go….REALLY???  This guy hasnt paid anything to live here…and now they are tellli ng me that I have to go?    Thats not right…Ive been working double shifts just to make bills meet by myself and in return they tell me that he gets to stay?

PLEASE HELP ME… how do I go about this nasty situation?

Edited on: Tuesday, December 10th, 2013 6:03 am

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