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My landlord isn’t being very ethical, so I think its time to file a complaint against my landlord.  I called my several local government offices in Aurora Colorado to find out where I could file a complaint.  Finally after contacting my State Senator, his office referred me to the RPA.

I’m so glad I found the RPA.  I didn’t know if such an agency existed.  After coming to the site, I found our there is a $35 filing fee.  So I thought I would see if I could get some opinions on whether I should file a landlord complaint or not.
Here’s my landlord problem:
Firstly, my landlord is actually a nice guy and I don’t want to cause any problems, but honestly I’m tired of getting no resolution to the following issue.  About 3 weeks ago my apartment had been broken into.  The thief damaged the door and window to my unit and stole close to $1200 worth of my things.  (Plasma TV, DVD’s, Stereo, and Jewerly)
I have renters insurance, so my things are being covered by my renters policy even though I did try to get my landlord to cover the cost first– he pointed out some clause in the lease that required me to carry renters insurance, so I called them and they (American Family) have been great.  I actually just got a check for $1058 (after my deductible)
So the problem is this, my landlord STILL hasn’t fixed my window.  He’s got a piece of plywood screwed up and doesn’t seem too concerned about replacing it.  I know it sounds lame, but I really hate looking at that ugly wood and just want to have a window to look through.  I don’t invite my friends over because, I’m almost embarrassed by it.  (I know, I know– I should grow up)  So, what do you all think??  Should I file a complaint against my landlord to force him to repair the broken window pain?  Do you think I have been reasonable enough to allow him 3 weeks, or does glass replacement take longer?
I’m not really worried about the filing fee, that’s nothing… but I am concerned about whether it makes the most sense based on the situation.  Are there any other options?  I have asked him by phone on 3 different times to fix it, and still no results.  When I called local government offices, they wouldn’t tell me what to do– just that I could sue him (No plans to do that, its just a piece of glass) or File a complaint.  So, really, that leaves me with the option to file a complaint or continue begging my landlord to fix it.
Thanks for your advice…  I just want to do the right thing.

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