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I want to know if this is right. My Landlord filed for an eviction for late payment of rent. I was never served any papers for a court appearance. Because, I chose to stay in the unit and pay the past due rent. I went to apply for another apartment. Come to find out I had an eviction on my record as the former tenant.  If I choose to continue to stay in the unit and the past due rent was paid. Then why’s the eviction still on my credit report? The past due rent was paid in time before the expected date. What can I do to fight this? I want this off my credit report. It shouldn’t be on there b’c I paid the past due rent and plus I’m still residing in the unit? What can I do? Pls help! Or if I apply for another rental what can I do if the eviction is on my credit report report? I have a letter from the landlord stating that the payment was made and that I’m still living in the apartment.

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September 8th, 2008 6:50 am

If the eviction is showing up on your credit reports, you can dispute them. However, depending on the state you live in, there are different requirements for serving eviction notices. Credit reporting agencies constantly pull records for the courts databases. Evictions with a judgement will show up on credit reports. However, if the landlord started the eviction process, and then dropped it- it shouldn’t be showing up on your reports. Just like Randy mentioned above, your are going to need to do some research to find out where this is showing up, and why. If a Judge never made a judgement against you– the record shouldn’t show up on your credit report.


September 8th, 2008 6:38 am

have you contacted the credit reporting agencies? I think they have option where you can dispute things on your credit report. I heard someone say once, that credit reporting agencies make lots of mistakes. I would check with them. You will need to check with all three: experian, equifax, and transunion. BTW have you seen the report? Get a free copy of your credit report to see if the eviction is really showing up on the report. It could be from a previous landlord or from a different background report. I would think you have the right to challenge anything on your report. You might want to ask your landlord if he uses a reporting system to report tenant history. If so, you may want to see if he reported the eviction. If your landlord reported it to a reporting service, he can probably have it removed.


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