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Ok, This really sucks…

Myself, my wife and our 2 children moved into this house on Jan 1st 2012. Nice 4 bed 2 story with a big yard. The day after we moved in, my daughter, who is 6 years old, came to me crying about some itchy mosquito bites. I thought it was odd for a swarm of mosquitos to bite in winter but the way things have been in Oklahoma i wasn’t too shocked. I gave her some "itch cream" and all was well until the next day. Again, she came to me about the same bites. As i looked her over i found the number had almost doubled. In a short time, it got so bad that the school called asking what the rash was that she had and if she had any medicine for it because the ithing was disturbing her in school. After this, we took her to several doctors and all of them were baffled. A teacher had mentioned bed bugs and for months we kept searching and never found any at all.


Now, we’ve been here almost 8 months. My daughter is covered in little circle shapped scars from itching. We finaly found and confirmed that we have bed bugs.

My questions is, who is responsible in this state for treatment??? I need this taken care of asap. I got a 10% permethrin spray for a local store and it is killing on contact, but that’s not doing much good however, the bites have lessened. I fear for my families well being and would like this resolved, but before i go to the landloard (shady person) i want to have things straight so i know what i’m talking about and don’t get the shaft.

Please someone help.

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