I am moving because of criminal activity and a burglary


I was forced to move from a home I rented due to the death of the owner. I am a teacher and rent year to year, bsically June to June. I had to move in October and found a nice house in which to move. My position has been eliminated and have to move. In addition to all of this my home has been broken into and my vehicle as well.  after speaking with the police I found out that this home has been broken into 8 times in the last six years. I have to get out, but I have a feeling the rental agency is going to take me for all I am worth. I paid "first and last", a security deposit, and pet deposit. I am in Texas. Can anyone give me some advice? I already have secured a new job 200 miles away.

Thanks in advance,


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May 13th, 2010 3:14 pm

Lease terminations can be tough.  In fact, burglary and crime is not a breach of agreement, so it doesn’t let you out of the lease.  Landlords aren’t responsible for outside factors such as crime.
If they were, renters could use the “Crime” excuse to break their lease.  No area is safe from crime.  They call it renter due diligence.  You could have checked out crime rates prior to renting.
So, will the rental agency hold you responsible.  Probably.  I’ve heard of some of my colleagues that charge for the entire lease term if a tenant terminates their lease early.  I don’t do that, but it happens frequently.
You will need legal help to negotiate a fair lease termination.


May 13th, 2010 7:18 pm

Your landlord died!  Wow, I never thought about that.  Although, technically you had right to remain in the home.  The family would still be required to honor your agreement.
As for your current situation, have you thought about filing a complaint with the RPA?  I’m not sure what they can do, you could always ask one of their chat agents.
Good luck!  I feel bad for you.

Jacob Reiner

May 13th, 2010 7:24 pm

You’re right.  even if the landlord died the family or new owner would be contractually obligated to honor his lease.  Too bad he didn’t ask about that before, it could have prevented all of this mess.

I think you may have ability to terminate your lease early due to exessive crime to your unit.  8 breakins within 6 months is a very bad track record.   If you were my tenant I would work on making the unit safer; More outdoor lighting, gates, alarm systems etc.  If that didn’t please you I would work out something.

Eliza Perry

May 13th, 2010 7:30 pm

What ever you do…  TAKE CARE OF THE AGREEMENT BEFORE MOVING!!!   I’ve dealt with horror stories from renters that have tried to run away from the problem by skipping town in the middle of the night– then a few months later they get a constant flow of collection calls.  This can ruin your credit if you fail to make arrangements prior to moving. 

As you learned earlier DON’T ACCEPT VERBAL AGREEMENT!  The agreement must be made in writing.  If you need help you can hire an attorney or file a complaint with the RPA. 

Best Wishes!


May 13th, 2010 7:56 pm

Have you thought about offering them a deal they can’t refuse?  I know it might sound backwards to you, but what if you offered them a full month, or half month or 2 months rent as a penalty for early termination.
You could also market the unit for rent to fill the vacancy.  (all you need is craigslist.com)
Whatever you do, try to make the load lighter for your manager.  By doing this you will make them more eager to work with your situation.  Being a hard A will not make the situation any better.


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