I have never been so angry and frustrated in all my life

By Patricia Kelley

I have lived in this apartment complex in Portland Oregon since 2005. I signed a new lease July 1 2014 and was promised a carpet cleaning. It has never been cleaned since I have lived here.The head manager called me three weeks ago and told me it would be done that first week. I keep calling every week and keep being told it will be done. Today it has been three weeks and 1 day that I was told this. I am on housing assistance due to losing two jobs that moved out of the country and it is not my falt and had to go on welfare. Oregon has the highest welfare rate of 52% in the Us right now and the highest unemployment rate since 2009. I think this is why they are lying to me because I am poor and not working.  I am too ill to work anymore. Yesterday also the maintenance man came over and fixed my closet and screen door and was told my cat broke the screen and she did not. A racoon did it because I see them around here at night all the time. He said they would make me pay for the screen. The wall of the closet-it is made of cheap white chalk and horribly cheap dry wall and the maintenance man said that as of the last 5 years now that ALL residents tear up apartment units and that from that time that apartments would never ever try and get new wall material or try to make closet material any better and that they do not have to do better that this is the norm among the thousands and thousands and thousands of apartments that are built on each and every single corner to make tons and tons of money here. It is all about extreme greed in this state. He said that I took the racks in the closet and bent them in half and I did not do it at all and told him this. The material the closet is made of is cheap chalk and dry wall. He said there was nothing I could do about it and that all apartments would continue to be made with this material and that it was good and strong. It is not. I looked at it up close and it is very light has white paper in it and it is cheap and crummy and will not hold anything. I am at the point I am so angry I want to leave town for good.  I am tired just because I am poor that they are treating me like garbage. Why call me and tell me they are going to clean the carpet when they are not and know they are not. No matter what I am getting the run around. I just do not get it. The maintenance man said I would have to pay for the closet and the screen and I flat did not do it. My cat did not do it either. Today I saw a maintenance man replacing another screen in my area which tells me that they know that racoons have done this. My brother has fixed stuff all his life and worked for a business that did that for a while. He said the screws were bad and the wrong kind. Yet I am blamed for these things I supposidly broke per the maintenance man.  He said that I took the white bars and bent them real bad on purpose and I did not for sure. I want the US to know to never ever never ever rent from Carla Properties in Portland Oregon in any of their complexes. Never in my life have I have been lied to so much about having my carpet cleaned when it needs it bad. Just tell me why it is not going to be done rather than laughing in my face and making fun of me just because I am poor. I have had it and again want to get the hell out of Oregon. I am not going to be treated like crap any more when I have done nothing but tried to be a good resident. They don’t even know how much rent their renters pay. If I did not save my sheet housing sent me they would charge me tons more money and get away with it. I hate it here. Help?

Edited on: Wednesday, July 30th, 2014 1:46 am

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