Illegal eviction of disabled tenant


I am seeking advice.  I am disabled and use a wheelchair sometimes.  I was denied access to the gate in front of my unit for 4 months. Landlord didn’t care, asked for Dr. note, still didn’t believe me.  Fire marshal made him disable broken lock to allow tenants safe access to gate.  Then the AC kept breaking. turns out owner knows system is failing for yrs.    I asked about breaking lease because of heat, because my disease was getting worst without AC.  Now the  landlord is threatening to me to bring me in court for breaking lease and asking for 1 month rent. He lost the rent check!  In court we all agreed that I would get out asap but no date was given to me.  Then landlord threatened sheriff eviction.  Then with no AC and packing my kids had to call 911, chest pain.  Dr. said it was heat stroke and the stress but ECG not normal so see cardiologist too.  6 days after I came back from hospital,  landlord made us removed from the house.  We were given 10 minutes  to get some things and get out.  I did have city inspector who had helped with gates and he sent someone from city to make landlord let us back in .  Its a long story but here is my question.  Doesn’t it sound like I have a strong legal case and should I sue for medical bills, stress, etc… and how can I find a GOOD attorney to help on contingency who can make the landlord understand about the proper eviction laws.?  It seems like no lawyer wants to help if I mention landlord tenant issue.  My Dr. said they almost tried to kill me and we have a strong case.  Now I am homeless living at daughter’s place until I find a place. But now with this eviction process, I am worried about even getting another rental.  That horrid place has ruined my life in just 7 months.  Any advice from any one would be greatly appreciated.  thank you.

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