inconsiderate loud neighbors

By m5online

Can I break my lease?  We have new neighbors next door who have people knock and pound on there door from 9pm to 2am almost nightly. They also like to stand out front of there unit and talk very loudly using extreme and racial profanity. Our front doors are right next to each other. We’ve been emailing and calling the landlord to deal with the issue. He states that we need to "reach out" to our neighbors to solve the issue. We’ve surmised that our neighbors really dont care about the noise they make and how it disturbs others.  Can we break our lease based on "quiet enjoyment" clause?

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November 30th, 2012 1:41 am

If you vacate immediately and go talk to a lawyer and file a complaint against the landlord. It means it because unlivable for you and you were forced to leave, then the judge decides. good luck, it is a win or lose situation, don’t be surprised if you lose. But if you win you can win court costs, attorney fees and double and triple expenses and trouble the landlord caused you. Talk to a lawyer first. The burden on proof is on you. Tape it and write down the times. Remember you have the right to lose, you do NOT have the right to be surprised.


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