Indian Male Moths in Apartment

By marir89

Hi – I live in a small apartment building. Recently I noticed we have indian male moths. My husband and I have been killing them left and right. We got rid of anything that was open (grains, cereals, rice, etc.) as we realized what the bugs were and what they liked. I reached out to the super and they got an exterminator in for a quote. The exterminator gave the landlord a quote and now they are expecting me to pay for it since they say it was brought in.

It could have been brought in from the supermarket or flown into my apt from another apt. Should I have to pay for this or can i fight it?

I am planning on moving soon as im afraid that my security deposit will be at risk due to this.

Any tupes on how I should proceed or what I can do?

Edited on: Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014 8:17 pm

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