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By Shaela

I moved out of a small apartment complex in July and have received a letter stating that I would not receive any refund of our deposit.  We scrubbed the place up and down (in many areas that I can GUARANTEE have never been touched before).  We did not have our carpet professionally cleaned and were told upfront that $60 would be deducted from our landlord deposit refund if that was neglected.  We also had very very old carpet that snagged a bit, but was not mentioned in the letter.  Should I pursue getting this deposit back?

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Agent S. Paxton

September 8th, 2008 12:17 pm

Shaela (Cool name, by the way…)
This is the second post I’ve responded to today about deposit problems, as you can tell it is one of the biggest problems effecting the rental industry. The good news is that your state requires the landlord or apartment manager to compile a detailed list of charges to your deposit and to provide it to you within 30 days of move-out.
So, the first step would be to look at the charges to the deposit. If they don’t seem fair or reasonable to you, you should then dispute it. However, from your post, I get the feeling that you haven’t received anything from the landlord, yet. It sounds like they have verbally told you how much you are going to get back, but nothing in writing, right?
There are strict guidelines and laws that protect security and cleaning deposits. You should always dispute items that you disagree with, unless the amount simply isn’t worth the effort.
By the way, you can file a complaint with the RPA and we will investigate the charges to your deposit. Deposit problems are the number one complaint handled by our agency. If you want to file a complaint you can click on the following link: Click here to Dispute your Deposit Charges!


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