Landlord leaving stuff in our yard

By Kim

I live in a multi unit home. There’s my apartment upstairs, the main level, then an apartment in the basement. Shared spaces include the laundry room in the basement, and the small fenced back yard. My landlords used to live on the main level and they are just slobs. They had two dogs and never picked up dog poop. It’s a TINY back yard and she had so many of those little tykes climbers and slides that you could barely walk back there. Well they moved (thank god) but they’ve been gone for two-ish months now, but they left a sand box and their grill in the back yard. I’ve asked them when they are going to move it and they just keep saying we aren’t sure bla bla bla. Well the sand box is full of poop from her dogs. Our other neighbors from the basement apartment have two large dogs and are diligent in cleaning up directly after they make a mess in the yard. My uncle has offered to sod the yard for free (because it’s just a big mud hole right now) and we need their crap out of the yard. How do we get them to move it? What are our rights with a shared back yard though they don’t live here anymore?! 

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