landlord let bed bug infestation go on 6 months

By Tammy

In May 2013,my neighbor told the landlord she had bed bugs. her cousin was living with her and he moved in with her,from an infested home. The landlord did not have her apartment inspected until 4 or 5 months later.She was not scheduled for extermination until Sept 10th (I saw the extermination instruction paper with date) but she was not in compliance with the list and it was rescheduled. In October I found them in my apartment and called landlord and left message.He never even called me back about it. I called health inspector and landlord finally called to say that my apartment would be exterminated also. I was inspected and guy said he needed to discuss new price etc. with Landlord. I heard NOTHING for another week.Called health inspector again,got another inspection and full list of preparations. Finally got exterminated the end of October. Half of my things are outside,couch is gone,walls are bare,living out of bags etc.. I did owe back rent at the time from when I was going through cancer treatment.Once I got back on my feet,I began paying  $575-%650 each month for 3 months on the back rent. After I called health inspector,I was slapped with a demand for back rent,which I paid,that very day.$1000. Now,it’s November.Everything is current and we are still dealing with bed bugs. Neighbor put an unwashed blanket back on bed atfer 1st extermination. NICE MOVE!! We are scheduled for a follw-up inspection and another extermination is included in price if they find bed bugs. Which they will. So I now have plastic chairs for living room furniture.  Only the upstairs has been exterminated…leads me to believe problem will not be cured after next round.I can’t live like this anymore..trying to move.I will likely move with nothing but my clothes and some personal items.

No one can visit me or wants to,no ne wants me in their car or home and I am living out of plastic bags with half of my belongings in the hallway or outside.

If anyone tells you they have bed bugs, DO NOT LET THEM IN YOUR HOUSE OR LET THEM RIDE IN YOUR CAR. If your neighbor has them, be sure you light a fire under your landlord’s ass the second you find out!!

I am living in squalor and my landlord still gets his rent.

Tammy Fanning

46 Main St

Conway NH

Edited on: Monday, November 25th, 2013 9:44 am

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