new move in to find out bedbugs

By bedbug nightmare

I moved into an apartment 3 weeks ago. The second day in the new place I wake up to find bites all over my arms and legs, and blood trails on my sheets – we dicover the apartment has bedbugs.  When we moved in, the landlord made my roommate and I sign a waver stating she has searched the apartment and confirms there are no bedbugs, and so if there is a situation with bedbugs its our responsibility. We are now at three weeks, the landlord has agreed to pay for our clothes to be washed, but has been very evasive reguarding answering our questions reguarding how to deal with the situation and expenses related to it beyond that.  The apartment manager has had a local exterminator come in twice in the 3 weeks for them to spray pesticide, which kept bugs away about 1 day each time. The landlord has said she is planning to get someone else to come in since the other people have been uneffective.

I know its difficult to get rid of bedbugs, and I don’t want to move if I don’t have to, but I want to know what I can expect as far as what I’m going to be obligated to pay for as far as replacing furnature that I have to get rid of versus what the landlord is responsible for due to the bugs being in the building when I moved in.  Especially when I signed something saying they landlord looked and there wasnt anything even though there was. Both myself and my roommate moved from our parents homes to this apartment and neither of us had bugs before this, and the neighbors in our building have bugs in their apartments as well (we talked to some neighbors about it last week to find this out.)

Is the landlord responsible the financial aspect of replacing furnature and items that have to be replaced at this point?

Thanks for any input.

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December 7th, 2012 2:35 pm

Hey Bedbugs nightmare,

It’s very horrible of hearing day by day more and more case of Bedbugs which created lots of problem to the rental. In your case landlord is much supportive and also giving you assurance that there will be no bedbugs in the apartment.

Hopefully, I also think that your landlord will help you out and agree to a solution that is fair.


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