Landlord lied to me to get me to rent

By Carlos



When me and my girlfriend  were shopping for an apartment to rent we came across an apartment in a complex that was almost perfect when we we having the showing of the model we asked the Leasing agent if the apartments had a washer and dryer hookup as we didnt see one in the model, she said Yes that all of the apartments had a washer and dryer hookup but not that one because it was only a model. We filled out the paperwork, got approved and moved in a month later. 

A week before our move in we went to Lowe’s and purchased a washer and a dryer and scheduled it to be delivered to our new place in two weeks, later when we moved in I started to look for the laundry room or at least the hookup and couldnt find one. I immediatly called the leasing office and when I told them they said, "Yeah your unit doeesn’t have a hookup, we had told you that"….if you can believe it. I told them "No, you said that they did have it and because of that we bought a washer and a dryer and are having it delivered soon, why else would we do that?" to which they replied, "only half the units have hookups the other units have a coin operated laundry room in each building, if you want to change to another unit with a hookup you will have to wait until the lease is up in 12 months"…needless to say I was overcome with anger and hung up the phone. I was upset but seeing as I had no other choice I resigned to do laundry in the overpriced common laundry room in the building and was able to return the appliances before they were delivered but without having lost 300$ in the process.

4 months later my girfriend was going thru this phase were she wanted to have a dog (because she really wants us to hae kids) and after months and months of insisting the only argument i had left was, "We can’t because when we signed the lease agreement we said we had no pets so we didn’t pay the 500$ pet deposit fee". Her rebuttal to this argument was that she would call the leasing office and see what they said. She called them and we both asked what was the protocol and they said to us " Oh thats not a problem you would just have to come down and pay the deposit". On this note my overly eager girlfriend went ahead and bought a puppy and the day she brought her home she went to the Leasing office to make the deposit, when she arrived they told her that no she couldn’t have a puppy because our unit is newly carpeted so there are no pets allowed. Seriously Grenelefe??? Seriously?? Puppies arent exactly returnable so now we have a puppy in the apartment ilegally, but more importantly are looking to buy a property as soon as possible so that we may break ties with these scoundrels. I have called on multiple ocasions and asked to speak to the Property Manager and cannot get them to put me through to her, not that it would make much difference but my biggest concern is getting out of a 12 month lease only 5 months in and not losing my 700$ security deposit.

What can I do? In my lease there is no mention of the laundry hookup issue but there is a part concerning pets that was crossed off as we did not have any when we signed but what I am really fed up with is just the lying, first they lie to me to get me to move in, then they deny it, then they lie to us about being able to get a puppy and now we are between a rock and a hard place. 

I have always been a man of honor and find myself in the position of asking my girlfriend to get rid of the dog so that we are not evicted and are not in breach of contract but at what cost? breaking my girlfriends heart? folding to these liars? I need to get out of this place these people have no soul.



Carlos Negron

Edited on: Friday, October 10th, 2014 7:37 pm

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