Landlord mistake!

By Michelle

On 12/5/2008, I received a flyer from the Apartment complex on my door.  It says, “As of the current date, you have not renewed your lease term.  If you renew by 12/31/2008, you will continue with your same rental rate.  If you do not, you will be assessed a month to month charge starting on January 2009 rent.”  My apartment number is written on this flyer along with my current rental rate and what my month to month rental rate would be if I didn’t renew my lease.  There is no signature on this flyer, however, the Community Manager’s name is on this flyer, the apartment complex phone number, and the Community Manager’s email address.

I went to renew my lease today, however, the manager on-duty told me that my rental rate will increase a little more than 10% due to the fact that there were some errors on my original lease.  This was an error that they had made, and I was unaware of it until today.

At first, the manager on-duty told me the flyer that was sent to me was not correct, and there is nothing she could do.  Then the on-duty manager called after I left the office (without signing my lease because I needed time to think about the whole situation) and said that after talking to the community manager, they will try to lower the rental increase, but there will still be an increase.

I understand that once a lease expires, there is no contract therefore, a landlord could charge whatever they want.  However, I have a written document from the Community Manager stating that they will honor the lease as long as it is renewed by the 31st, shouldn’t they honor it?  I am not asking for much…I just want to pay the same rental rate!!

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December 30th, 2008 7:36 am

I can see how you would be upset… since you did receive something from management telling you that they wont raise rent if renewed by a certain date. However, unless it is sigend by both parties it won’t hold up in court. So, that means you may be stuck. I would suggest getting help, maybe by filing a complaint with the RPA. Don’t expect to pay the same rate… most likely you will have a rent increase of some sort.


December 30th, 2008 10:14 am

Already filed a complaint last night. This morning, I received a call from Apartment management, and they have agreed to honor the offer with a minimal increase in utility charges (less than $5).


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