Landlord not fixing problems

By Megan

I posted about my property management company below, on August 22nd. I had a large leaking crack in my ceiling. I took the advice given and have not withheld rent. I emailed the company so that I would have a record, and told them that if it wasn’t fixed by the end of the weekend I would contact the health department to file a complaint. I immediately received a call saying that someone would be over Saturday. Long story short, someone finally came on Monday morning and fixed the leak. However, they did not fix the giant cracks and crumbling plaster. I understand that the leak needed to be fixed first, but is this reasonable? Is it still an issue the health dept would take action on? I don’t think the cracks are as huge of a deal as the leaking water in my living room, but it’s still something that needs to be repaired.

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RPA Agent

August 29th, 2008 1:26 pm

Megan, I read through your post on the 22nd and agreed with the advice given… The health department isn’t always the best choice when it comes to dealing with rental problems. After a renter has filed a complaint with the health department many times I have seen a situation go from bad to awful. The health department can come in and condem the property, and sometimes they will do so over very debatable problems. When this happens the renter is forced out– many times with no where to go. If there is a health hazard in your rental and you file a complaint with the health department they will be obligated to condem a property that has visable dangers, otherwise they can be held liable. So, I would hesitate contacting the health department, at least until all other reasonable options have been exhausted. I would first suggest filing a complaint with the RPA. You can file a landlord complaint by clicking on the following link: Click here to File Landlord/ Tenant Complaint


August 31st, 2008 7:01 am

I dun know if you have delt with the health department before, but I dont suggest it. It will only make you’re landlord mad. Trust me, it no good renting from a mad landlord.


September 1st, 2008 7:14 am

This really depends on how big of a hazard the cracks are posing. If they are small cracks from settling, they probably pose no to little risk to you as a renter. It should be a simple fix that anyone can quickly do. You can run down to Home Depot and buy some “Joint Compound” to fill the crack in yourself. I would do that only after you have failed to get your landlord to do it. If you do it right you can charge the landlord for the materials used to fix the repair.


December 3rd, 2011 7:26 pm

What do when Landlord says he’s going to move his 5 cars, a huge old ugly boat out of my driveway that i’m renting and paying 1050 a month and have no access to the garage to park my own car in garage? He told me over the summer he would have the stuff moved, well it’s going on 7 months since I have moved into this house and the stuff is still here! Can I brake my lease do to all these junk cars, boat on the property that I am renting from him? I have to look out my front window and look at this huge ugly boat, on the other side along my fence a bunch of old ugly cars. I have also asked him to come fix my leaky shower head that runs all day and night!!! I have also asked him to fix my warped hardwood floor in my kitchen it’s like walking on a hill, I do trip over it many times. He was also suppose to fix a hole beside my bed on the floor, it’s in the walkway of me walking into my room and feels like i’m going to fall in, though it’s covered with the carpet but still, just saying!



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