Landlord Repair Obligations

By Beverly

My son is renting a house in NC paying $975 per month plus utilities. His last utilities bill was 4 times the normal amount and was determined to be an a/c problem. The landlord was contacted and sent someone to look at it but was never repaired. Now the landlord is ignoring son’s phone calls and it is extremely hot out. Can my son pay to repair the a/c himself and then withhold that amount from his rent or is there a better way to resolve this quickly?

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Dennis Gillerman

March 3rd, 2011 2:30 pm

Beverly, I know that here in the state of Arizona according to the Landlord and Tenant Act of 2010 there is a form to fill out that is available on The Secretary of States web site requesting that the landlord make the major repair with in five days or respond to your son’s complaint. Should the landlord fail to do so he can hire a licensed contractor to make the repairs and the contractor can then put a lien on the apartment until the bill is paid in full. Your son cannot, and I repeat cannot withhold rent at any time. The landlord will evict him and take him to court. Eviction also means a ruined credit rating and homes with landlords he wouldn’t like. I hope this helps


May 17th, 2011 1:35 am

I am having a terrible rodent problem in my apartment, so called condominium. I have trapped many rats and put poison in the traps, got rid of them, but my landlord is too cheap to pay pest control and removal of rodents, please tell me what can i do?? I am very concerned about my health and my pets health too. I already lost a dog because of this. pease tell me who can i write to. this owner is a terrible slumblord. he should be ashamed of himself, but no he is a bastard that does not care about anyone, its always his way or the highway, well i put my foot down and report to code enforcement. but he still has til june 27th to remedy the problem. if he does not do anything then i am going to have to go higher. does anyone knows where else can i write or call???


May 17th, 2011 1:45 am

I started hearing mices, july 2010, so then in nov. 2010 I specificly told my landlord I think there are mices in my place, he told me set traps, i told him my stomache is too weak for that, well they had babies, those babies grew came out in my place, i told the man in Nov. 2010 again, he started arguing with me saying he was not going to pay an exterminator alot of money. so april2011 came rollin in , i told him again about the problem, told me call code enforcement, well now code enforcement gave him certain time to fix the problem but he is very mad at me. when indeed its his problem he is the owner Not me. well. he paid $150.00 for one loudsy week, now the rodents still in my house, i pretty much caught about 3 mices, 2 small one adult got rid of them. well still stuck with the problem, i lost a pet dog because of a bacteria, i am worried about losing the only one left a minnie datshund, the other one was the mom. waht about my health?? does anyone know what can i do?????


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