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For the past few months, We’ve been having an issue with “Nats” and “Flea Invested” and quite possibly “Bed Bugs”. The Nats are found everywhere, but main source is the kitchen and it’s either from the “Dish Washer” which we’ve never used since we moved in Nov. 2011 or it’s the sink. There was stagonet water in the dish washer – which was cleaned by our “Landlords” and checked the hoses and it’s continued not to work. We’ve asked numerous times from the main two maintainence guys to get rid of the “Dish Washer” and continue to refuse and want to clean this issue up, plus asking them and the “Bug Spray” that comes in once a month and sprays on “How to get rid of these?” Well before all that, We’ve done the following:


  • Drano In Sink
  • Ammonia
  • Bleach
  • Vinegar Fly Traps
  • Bug Spray (Provided By: Landlord)
  • Landlord Cleaned Out: Dishwasher, Mentioned they need to bring in a plumber. Never did.
  • Article Online: Suggests for Fleas, Mix Baking Soda and Salt; Then let sit and then vaccum. We’ve done this twice. First time with 2 Boxes of Baking Soda and 3 things of salt and the 2nd time we bought 5 Boxes of Baking Soda and 10 things of salt, They thought I was crazy buying all this salt at the store…It does work for a little bit, but you do need to repeat hence why we did it twice, but to no end result still an issue.
  • We do have cats – They never had fleas to begin with until we moved in, quite possibly from the plants outside from when we opened the windows. Which we used “Dawn Dish Soap” as recommended to kill any fleas on this bushes again an article found online.
  • Since our cats were having rashes and didn’t feel good including hotspots because of the fleas/nats moreless eating them alive it seems like – We contacted the vet and to get prices, well the last thing between all vets they recommend the same “Flea Killer” which we got and again this does help, but not a final solution to the problem.
Last Thursday as of this post, The landlord scheduled a “Bug Bombing” whereas we had to leave our apartment for 3-4 Hours including with our cats; So we sat outside at the picnic tables waiting…After 3 hours had past. Mother went in first to vaccum the whole apartment, before we went in and behold “We still have nats”, “We still have fleas” and possibly “Bug Bugs”.
At this point the issue hasn’t been resolved and we don’t want to move because we can’t afford to move as this was our last resort to live anywhere in this town more than likely. We’ve been withholding rent for the past 3 months because this issue hasn’t been resolved and now they’re evicting us because of non-payment, which in our reply we mentioned our concerns and our withhold of the rent and since the property is owned by lawyers, I suppose they’re the ones that requested the place to be bug bombed.
We do have most of the reciepts for the items we’ve purchased while cleaning and some of the empty containers to prove we’ve purchased that item. We’ve been recording every few days the progress of this, I live in MI and I didn’t record the landlord doing his work and need permission to record, on the other hand it’s the privacy of my own home, therefore I can record what I want, but I rather not any footage be thrown out of court.
We’re not messy people, We clean daily and keep up on things, This is an issue and it needs to be resolved. Plus I’ve been talking to other tenats and they’re also having the “Same Nat” and “Flea Issue”, so it’s not just us at least know it the people on the ground floor and people above us that’s approx. 8 out of 12, quite possibly the 3rd floor as I’m on the 1st floor.
I don’t know what to do, I would like this resolved, We shouldn’t have to live like this and hence why we’re withholding rent and hopefully once we go to our hearing the Judge would side with us as why we haven’t paid.
If you have any suggestions, please let me know.


Edited on: Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 9:31 am

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