Landlords response “i rule this place now so I can do whatever I want” we have some issues here folks!


Hello everyone, i am a VERY frustrated renter right now, and unfortunately I have been unsuccessful in finding advice on what my rights are without it costing me an arm and a leg! So….. if anyone has any info on the following matters I would be so VERY grateful!

Ok where to begin… my current Landlord took over the property about 5 months ago, she owns a house at the end of driveway. She has 4 children, the oldest 13 and the youngest 3, and here in lies most of our problems, ever since the day that she took over they have been taking free reign over the ENTIRE property, you see BEFORE she bought our Apartments the children were a problem just NOT NEARLY as bad, and we all could tell them to make their way back up to their yard,but now they feel they can do WHATEVER they want because mom own the apartments. Examples, I can not keep them off from my front porch, several times a week I have to ask the to please get off my porch to leave my boys toys alone, top leave my husbands tools alone, they have broken my boys toys, they use them and leave them all over the yard, they get into the shed that has been told is ours to use for storage, mu husband had to bring his snowmobile to a friends home because we could not keep them off from it. They are absolutely 100% of the time unsupervised when they are down "playing in the tenants yards, in fact the landlord tells them to play down here bcause she does not want to deal with them so I then have four children hanging from trees and destroying our things. My neighbor had to shoo them out of his basemnt the other day, he thought he heard something down there and sure enough there were four kids going through all his things, and the newest thing is they got a family dog, that the landlord sneds with the children, whom may i just add CAN NOT control!!!! That dog pulls those kids ALL over our yards, the dog is CONSTANTLY on my porch tearing up my trash (which i would like to add, my husband built a trash bin when we moved in here 4 years ago and when the landlord hired someone t o shovel the roof they dumped all the snow in the roof of the trash bin caving in the roof and buring it in about 5 feet of snow) and they bring the dog down to defecate on the tenants yards! mainly mine as it is closest to their yard. I have stepped in it several times now as it is EVERYWHERE, but the thing that really upsets me the most is that my 2 year old son stepped in it the other day, the dog has gone to the bathroom ALL over the yard in which both my boys play, do I have any rights here? I mean come on in most major citys you can be fined for not cleaning up after your dog! I have addressed these issues with the landlord, she said she would speak with the children, but nothing has changed, the fact that they are never supervised means they know they can do whatever they want, and the dog, well, her response was, "well I RULE this place now and i can do wahtever I want" If anyone has any helpful tips or answers as to what I can do thats within my rights as a tenant in the state of Maine I would be ever so grateful. Thanks for your time!

Edited on: Friday, March 11th, 2011 10:51 am

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