Late rent fee

By anonymous

This all started earlier this month we mailed our rent out on the 14 th of  march 775.00   ( 755 + 20 late fee.)

Our payments are to be post marked by the 6th of each month or we incur a $20 fee a second fee is due if not post marked by the 20th of the month.

Our land wanted us to pay a second fee because we were late.We sent her back copy of the payment agreement in her own
hand to remind her that payments are to be post marked by the 6th of each month or we incur a $20 fee a second fee is due if not post marked by the 20th of the month.. A few days go by we get another letter first saying thanks for the reminder then
she goes on to say we owe her $80.00 in late fees for 7/8/08  10/8/08 12/8/08 and 9/22/08  after looking at her records.

We are in the habit of getting the rent to the post office before noon the same day we get the cashers check from the bank.We found it strange all of of the ones she listed were mailed before these dates.When we checked our records  the dates  she gave are the dates the checks were cashed.We have the copies of all the payments sent. The dates are 7/4/08 , 10/3/08 ,12/6/08 &( 9/19/08  she wants a  second late fee for this one)

During Oct she was in China her husband was taking care of things while she was gone.We mention this because we received a
note from him  on the 15th  to get in contact with him in the next 24 hours about our rent (Yet she is claiming the 8th).We called him he said they did not get our Oct rent yet.
We told him he should have we sent it out on the 3rd as proof of this will would send him a copy of the cashiers check.About a week goes by we get another letter from him saying he did in fact get our rent. He also said they have had problems with the post office like this before.

Do we owe the late fees if the post office delivers the rent late?

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April 2nd, 2009 6:49 am

Thats crazy for your landlord to suddenly try to charge you for the late fees. If it were me I would simply respond via certified mail with a copy of the proof you have that the checks were post marked by the dates you claim. Then I would also take it a step further and mail the checks out at least a day early. It will still give you a day or so before the checks are cashed. There’s no sense in waiting until the deadline. I would imagine that if you read through your lease you will find that rent is actually due on the 1st of the month but provides a grace period of 5 or 6 days in this case.
If you like your rental– the $80 isn’t worth the possibility of your landlord kicking you out. So I suggest not making too big of a case out of it. If you are late even one day, the landlord can evict you.


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