Leaking Apartment rights

By Erica

Well ive been living in my apartement for about a year now and raining season is here and i woke up yesterday and seen a leak in my living room and the carpet is wet in an area next to the entrence in my apartment and in my room next to the sliding door to my patio the carpet is soaking wet in an area next to the door.  I called the Landlord and they sent out a man to come fix it. Today in the morning the carrpet in my room is a bit wetter and my living room roof has bubbles of water inside the paint. So its not fixed at all and i called again today so someones supposed to come look at it in the afternoon. My question is if my property get water damage or if they have to knock down the wall to my room next to the sliding door, can i legaly deduct money out of my rent or would they have to find a place for me to stay mean while  they open my wall. What are my rights as a rentor? I know the landlords are very cheap and will try to rip me off with anything they can and I want to be prepared. I have two toddler girls living with me and my husband and i want to look out for there saftey. so if you have any advice please let me know  =] 

thank you!

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May 12th, 2011 10:33 am

One thing is for sure. You have the right to live with total safety. As most leases, landlord has to keep his property habitable. This is something you and the landlord has to agreed upon. Talk to him and in that way you 2 can try to agree on whatever set up. Your next option is you can file a complaint your RPA


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