Letting Agency won’t repair leaking roof and damaged window

By Jennifer Davenport


Me and my boyfriend moved into a flat end of September and when we filled out the form where it says in which state it is put down that there was one window not functional we cant open it but there is still a half inch gap and lets all the cold in another roof window has just a piece of wood to cover the hole and all the leafs and flies drop in, we said we need this to be repaired as soon as possible over the past few weeks a called several times every time I speak to someone else at the agency and they keep saying yes we passed the message on. But still after a month we still have had no repairs done. On the 4th of October I discovered we had a leaky roof in the lounge bay window (we are on 1st floor) I was really concerned because we have laminate flooring and it would damage it in the long run if it doesn’t get fixed asap. I got straight on the phone as it already was 5 o’clock the Maintenance guy from our letting agency said he cant sort something out Monday morning. So I left it a week still no reply then the following week which was 2 weeks after I called the agency complaining that no one has go back to me about our roof or the other repairs. The woman said oh the roof has  been done its all sorted. At the time I thought oh ok and the roof wasn’t leaking again until yesterday. Which made me think they lied to me. First of all I wasn’t informed it has been repaired, second of all my boyfriend is in during the day he would have heard and seen if anyone was climbing the roof.

After I noticed that phone calls are not getting us anywhere I sent a long email so I have prove that I want this sorted. I sent an Email on the 23rd of October with all the problems that we really need it sorting asap, also threatening if I don’t hear from them we will withheld our rent and the man replied straight away and copied his maintenance guy in saying "this needs to repaired urgently, contact the tenant to arrange and appointment" – Still have not heard from anyone since!

I have had a word with the hairdresser below who has been there a while. The Lady was saying they never sort anything out. The Window has been broken for ages and they never repaired the roof. Which made me think they trying to get away with not doing anything.

We are getting really frustrated that they won’t sort anything out. After all we are paying rent and should have the right to have Save home. We just want to know what we can do now? Emailing and phoning is not getting us anywhere and we don’t want to move again because it is perfect location for us where we live now. 1501



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