Loud neighbors above maintenance room beside me

By Meredith

Hi, ive lived at my apartment for about a year. When i moved in (i have section 8) i was moved into a place infested with roaches, after waiting for ever to get into the place. Then it took a month to be moved to another unit because (i believe) of a personal issue the rental staff had with my worker so attitudes were taken out on me. Now fast forward to the unit the other unit they moved me to. It was ok but i noticed the floor when you walked in a certain area sounded like someone knocking on a door or wall and it was loud, i didnt make mention of it at first because i had been without a place to live for three months while the rental office people and my worker went back in forth. Mind you i worked and im in school i almost had to quit because i had to keep taking paper work back and forth because it wasnt filled out right or i had to come in and refill out paper work because the rental office kept saying i was fillinf it out wrong. Anyway i tried to move somewhere else after the roach insident but my worker said that i could not move from my current complex i had to move to another unit. Anyway so early one morning about 3am im in a deep sleep im not feeling well at all and i had to work early that morning and school. I hear this noise as if oranges were being dropped one by one on the floor above me and then it kept going and it started to sound like someone was wrestling so me being ill and being awakened from a deep sleep waited a bit then when i noticed it not stopping i to a bamboo stick i have and poked the ceiling about 3 to 4 times. The neighbors stomped back on the floor the same amount of times and continued to stomp on the floor so i hit the wall with my hand then my foot out of anger. Then the noise stopped. From then on it has been torture. I put in a work order to have my floor checked because i didnt want the neighbors below me to think that i was banging on the floor on purpose because i had a breif issue with them banging on the ceiling but i bang back and after a while they stopped. But the people above me are relentless and nasty they continue to do it and now that i stopped working in Oct. of last year and taking online classes its gotten so much worse. It seems as though they follow me from room to room and they know when i move so if im in the kitchen there is slamming and banging, if im in my bedroom there is slamming and banging etc. Now to the maintenance closet that is next to my bedroom. I was told that people go in and out occasionally because they have there monitors in there and contracters use it as well. Well When i stopped working i lost the occasional and got the pretty much all day. The isident that started was one day the maintence crew decided to rearrange the room and so im sleeping (this is before i stopped working i had a day off) and i hear this loud slamming and banging it woke me up immediately so i go next door to see them rammming this metal shelf up against the wall i guess trying to make it stay. So i asked slightly annoyed, when they would be done because my bedroom is the same wall as they were putting up the metal shelf. So one of the crew said it’ll take about 20minutes in a nasty tone and i said i hope not because i was sleeping and it is extrememly loud so the worker who i think is the head maintence kinda smake his lips at me said something else and waved his hand at me dissmissively. I also said them as a curtisey someone could have knocked on my door to see if i was at home if not contiued but if i was at home at let me know that they were doing that so i wouldnt scared to death. The walls are so thin so walking lightly can be heard and i know they know this but people are use to doing what they want i think a lot of the attitude i get is personal and the fact that the noise goes on even though i reported it to the staff about both instances and more than once proves it to me. Now ive called the headquarters more than once ive spoken to the vp of the company ive spoken to the manager which turned out awful which i explained to the person who handles customer complaints and im still told to go an interact with the same people that have caused me a lot of stress. I was told to talk to a new girl that works there and have her come and listen to the noise, but like i said before the people or persons causing the noise seem to know when i have company and stop making the noise, and when my company leaves it starts again. I was also told by the manager that i should have wrote the complaint but no one told me that. I also was told that the rental office if they speak to the people causing the noise that they would not inform me so if the people upstairs continues to make the noise i have no way of knowing wether someone spoke to them or not. I just left out there. It has been so bad that ive been taping every thing and every conversation since i started having issue with the rental office and my section eight working going back and forth. But a couple a weeks ago my digital recorder stopped linking to my pc and i had to do a system recovery on my pc and i havent been able to get the stuff i recorded prior to 2011 so im bummed about it ive been using an old school 1970’s big boy type recorder but its bad quality. I also left to the store just a couple a days ago come back and my door was open i called the police to report it. The lady that handles customer complaints had one of the maintenance guy come fix my lock they adjusted it. She claims she was going to talk to them about there attitude but he still had one and when i mention that my door had been opened he blurted out i don’t know nothin about that. So i got annoyed and got snappy with him and it was pretty much the same as usual. I don’t trust any of them the neighbors above me still slamm and bang ive gone without proper sleep for months now since i stop working and i have epilepsy so its not good for me. I told them if nothing is done im contacting the better busines bureau which i intend to do. I will say that the customer complaint ladies are nice and one of them helped me in the beginning when the manager was trying to take money out of my deposit for placing me in a unit infested with roaches and the other lady i spoke though we started off kind of rocky (it seems the workers here like to pass the buck instead of finding out whats wrong and fixing the problem even if the problem is STAFF renters are not always wrong) we finished ok and i felt better after i spoke with her. However, i still have to go down and ask someone to come up and listen then i have to turn in a written complaint so we’ll see. This has been a nightmare for me and it seems to be rampant here in Virginia(Tidewater area) you have people taken money and or in the state and government instiutions that are either neglecting their responsibilities or talking to in a demeaning way when the mistake lies with them and so many place here are getting away with this while continuing to make profits, or hurting others with the time wasted because you have to do their job in order to get anything done and then you end up being blamed or having to restart all over loosing money and time its not right. There are bad people on both sides if im paying my rent my request as long as its within reason should be addressed with out attitude from staff, ive gone through this too many times in Va and im looking to move out of this awful state soon my lease is up in April, but until then i wanted to know after this long rant (i would apologize but im that unhappy, i just want to die already and be done with it sometimes but i know thats the despare talkin) what other options if any do i have. Because i feel so uncomfortable in this apartment its like im being watched in cunjuction with the noise (like a sort of mental torture because i cant really prove it so it goes on)or something sounds weird but its just a hunch and i feel violated, i pay my rent on time but i cant seem to get the rental office to do their jobs with out all these requests. Please if you have any information i’d appreciate it. Ive signed up for legal aid but its a two week wait.

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