Maximum rent increase

By Jeanette

We live in Glendale, CA and the manager raised our rent 100 dollars this year is this legal!?

He always raised it 50 or 60 but not 100.  Is there a maximum rent increase?

The landlord’s wife told one of the tenants that he (the landlord) was collecting money from us, for their son’s girlfriend who lives with them. This is not legal!

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Agent Paxton

May 1st, 2008 11:59 am

To answer your question that depends on what your lease agreement says. The basic answer to the question of whether or not your landlord can raise rent to $100, is yes. In fact, unless you are living in a rent controlled area (you’re not) the rent can be increased as high as the landlord wants. The landlord has right to set pricing to whatever he wants, he could even give you an increase of 1 million dollars, and it would be allowed by law. However, the landlord is required to provide you with a written notice and a minimum 30 day notice before the rents are increased. The grace period allows you to move into another unit. So ultimately, you are the one that decides whether or not you will pay the increased amount. The landlord cannot force you to remain in the unit paying the increased rent amount, you have right to move into a more affordable unit.

Agent Paxton

May 1st, 2008 12:11 pm

Although unprofessional, when the landlord’s wife told you the money was being used to pay for their son’s move-in girlfriend it doesn’t change things as far as rent legalities are concerned. Contrary to your comment, it’s not illegal but it is frustrating for the landlord to apply the money to the cost of his son’s move-in girlfriend. If I had a landlord that told me that, I’d be mad too! But the harsh reality is that the landlord can use the money however he feels. If he feels like he needs to raise rents $200 to pay for a new car or plasma tv, that’s up to him. Most likely, if the rent increases are too high it will make his vacancy rate go up- which will end up costing him a lot more in the long run. I suggest you tell him your concerns, and if he doesn’t lower rent, move. (You will need to decide if it makes more sense to pay the extra monthly rent vs the cost of moving etc.) By the way, this may be an appropriate time to ask for improvements to the rental, to help justify the increase.


May 2nd, 2008 7:11 am

My rent just went up $150… So I hear you, it sucks! But the Agent above is right about the landlord being able to raise rent as much as he wants. We renters get stuck in the middle. I made a comment about my the high rent increase on the landlord rating system. You should make a comment on your landlords report too. (At least you will be able to let other people know about it)

Lauren LeBlanc

June 7th, 2012 12:21 am

I have been a renter of 6 years at this location and have had numerous management and staff turnovers. I am a single mother of a 4 year old and low income. Originally our rent was $480.00 the first 4 years, the fifth year the increase was $10.00 . We paid mostly on time and sometimes ahead and a few times with late charges. This year 2012 we were proposed verbally that Our rent would increase to 561.00 which is $71.00. Now here is the current situation.
We have endured 3 floods in this apartment, 1 due to upstairs shower pan leak, we live downstairs, carpet replaced, next flood new upstairs neighbor drunk, left tub water on ,she fell asleep. exstensive damage carpet removed and same carpet reinstalled. Horrible stench and mildew. 3rd flood gone one hour and toilet valve leaked sewage , the entire apartment carpet removed and faux wood vinyl flooring installed. During this dangerous 6 days of disrepair, we could not cook in the kitchen, I had to cancel work for income, I had to move everything I owned on the patios and breezeway exposed to misquitos and junebugs and theft for 5 days. I could not use the toilet, I had to leave, Peed one time outside while trying to salvage the mess and watch my 4 year old (no family or childcare). We could not breathe the first two days, so I physically removed the carpet and tacks (did not want a tetnus shot) it took me all night and day to do this. I was so exhausted.
The new mangagement said “Oh by the way your lease will increase when you sign the new contract”.
The list is too exhaustive to list here of the disrepair, like the latches on the windows to lock broken ect. I have many copies of the years of the same request, never repaired. The reason we stay is because of the low income, I graduate college 2014. this is a 500 square foot apartment, cockroaches, After this flood on 6-1-2012, I am trying to rent a storage and get rentors insurance, I can not take this much longer, but do not have the money to make a change.
I am contacting legal aid to see if that the apartment is liable for 6 days of inhabitable conditions or compensation.
One good thing is that they repaired the toilet internal components and falling sheetrock in the B.R. and replace all the flooring and are going to spray for cockroaches.
However, the rent increase and lost for ruined rugs, linens, detergent,electricity for blowers to dry out apartment for 6 days running nonstop, the water bill, Not pot to piss in and then it poured down rain today when I brought all my items in soaking wet.
There should be someone out there can tell me my rights or a lawyer that can help. This is just not right, I am not wanting any thing but do justice. Will someone call Oprhra Winferey please.


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