Move out date of June 25 but landlord charges for the whole month of June

By Dale McFarland

My daughter’s lease was up June 25 but the landlord required her to pay for the whole month of June and even asked that she not turn off the utilities until the end of the month. He said this is his standard way of leasing his 148 units. I told her that she was to have the utilities turned off when she moved out. If he wanted utilities on then he needed to put them in his name. I also told her not to pay the extra 6 days but she did it anyway. He had the new tenants into the unit by the 27th. This double dipping I thought was illegal and I don’t see how he can charge for the extra days after she has moved out. That  is around $140 extra rent money for 148 units is $20,000 extra dollars in his pocket. I would think that the IRS would also like to know about this extra income. Just seems fishy to me. Another problem she had when she moved in was that it is a 4 bedroom apartment and she was the only tenant in the apt. He rented the whole thing to her but still showed it without her permission and even had others call her to see if she was interested in roommates. I am also under the impression that a landlord is not able to legally gain entrance at his leisure. He is taking advantage of the college kids and it is time someone busted his bubble and made him tow the line.

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Henry Gipsen

June 25th, 2010 11:02 pm

Yes, you’re right your daughter’s landlord can’t just show the unit without giving proper notice and he shouldn’t be double dipping on the rent.  There’s a lot of landlords out there that do these kinds of things.
You know, you can give this guy a negative rating.  Just pull up his landlord risk score and create your review.  Otherwise, if you want some legal help you could file a complaint and the RPA will investigate for you.  

Good luck.


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