Problem with new noisy neighbors

By Annerew

My husband and I have lived in our townhome style apartment for 16 months… the previous neighbor was loud at times but never enough for us to complain.  However 2 months ago new tenants moved in.  They have 3 kids between the ages of 10 and 13 (estimated ages).  The kids always have friends over and are always loud.  They run through the house and scream and constantly slam the front and back doors.  When the parents are home the sound goes down, however the wife slams the doors constantly as well. 

We share a porch with them therefore the sound of them slamming the doors echos into our home… The running through the house causes the picture/sconces on the wall we share to shake. 

They also run the vacuum at random hours of the night which we can hear the vibrations from constantly. 

The kids sit on the porch or sidewalk out front playing with friends until almost midnight as well.  Which also echos into our home.

 I have made numerous complaints against them but the complex cannot "confirm" the noise because the other neighbor isn’t hearing it.  They want us to call the police however, I feel silly calling the police over kids acting their age or the family vacumming.  I just want the neighbors (parents) to get a clue and be a bit more considerate.

I have since gone to the neighbors themselves when the noise is outrageous or my walls are shaking.  Tonight I asked the kids 3 times to stop slamming doors and running through the house and finally went to their dad and asked him to have the kids stop.  he said "Will do" and walked away.

I’ve been pretty polite to them the entire time, and don’t feel like Im making a bigger deal that necessary.  My husband and I have lived in townhomes and apartments for 7+ years and know what is considered normal noise to be expected. 

I just want to know my rights and how to remedy this situation easily. 

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August 22nd, 2010 2:55 pm

Honey, I feel your pain. I am in the exact same position except I live in an apartment community. The adults here are worse than the children. They respect no one. Slamming doors, furniture, I even had someone come up to my apartment and slam on my door because I complained about the noise. ITs no wonder the youth of today is so disrespectful look at the parents and then you will know why.

This has happened to me in the last 3 apartments I lived in. Due to that I decided that after my lease is up here, I will never rent another apartment again. I would rather rent a room first or even live in a trailer in the woods. Actually I was previously renting a room in a nice house with 3 people and it was heavenly. We all had different schedules so half the time I was home alone. No loud kids, no ignorant, rude people slamming doors and none of that nonsense. The lady of the house was a retiree who rented rooms to women. When she said she only accepted a certain kind of tenant. She wasn’t just paying lip service. She only accepted mature, working adults who could be respectful of those living around them.
God do I regret ever leaving that place.

Besides that I am paying almost 3 times what I was paying for a room and usage of a whole house and I don’t have a quarter of the space I had there in addition to the noise. I have left 2 prior apartments due to noise when the landlord lied and assured me that there was no noise, only rented to good tenants. etc. Even let me speak to current tenants who vouched for him. All BS just to get me to sign a lease. Once the ink dried on the check, the landlord suddenly became invisible and the tenants from hell suddenly appeared.

I chalk it up as a lesson learned and look forward to when my lease is up here the end of the year. I have decided that apartment living is not for me. Therefore, I will never look back to apartment renting again. As for your situation, you can do what I did and move out and terminate your lease like I did with the last few places but the danger is that you might find yourself in a worse situation. Which it seems that everytime I have moved from one apartment to the next the situation has gotten worse. Only thing that went up was the rent, however the quality of tenants and living went way below standard.
If I were you, I would just keep letting the Parents know and also document via video, audio the times dates of noises. What you did to resolve. If it doesn’t improve you could seek legal remedies but in my opinion that tends to be long and tiring and may not result in the relief you were seeking. In addition it might make for bad blood between you and a neighbor.. If it were me, I would maybe try to stick it out till your lease is up and then move on if you have less than 6 months to go.. Or talk to the landlord and see if he/she will let you out of the lease. Keep in mind that they are out to get money and don’t care about your comfort level or quality of life though but you never know unless you try.

Good Luck and keep me posted.

Good Luck,


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