My apartment is infested with bed bugs and Manager says is my fault !!!

By Silvia

I live in an apartment complex ( about 270 units) I got infested with bed bugs, I reported to the complex manager and she said it is my fault cause nobody has reported bed bugs infestation, so she adviced me  i take all my furniture to the garbage container. Checking around the property found that a lot of apartments are infested too, specially that building that i was living before (same property) so I guess that I got the bed bugs living in that infested building and bringing them to my new apartment. Residents with same problem were told same than she told  me " Is your fault cause nobody has report bed bugs infestation" on top of that, she says that she has not time to waste it on that issues and still advising to dump the infested furniture, so she is spreading bed bugs all around the property. What can I do ?

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julisa morera

February 28th, 2012 8:51 am

Iv tried filing before for bed bugs in my apt.. west vist is blaming me for the bed bug infestation. All my nieghboors say they have bed bugs too, so there is there edvidence that we did not bring them. I want out of my lease with my deposit back and the y months that iv stayd herer refunded because the apt. Is falling apart and they have not fixed anything for the whole duration #1being bed bugs
#2 beimg the ac. I have sent in a bunch of work orders and a list of things that needed to be fixed upon move in aug. 5th 2011 still nothing physically fixed. Please help me get out of this lease. My two yr old son, my man and I are being eaten up. I have pictures of the bugs and of alll our bites.


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