New building fire alarm constantly going off with no fire

By Marilyn Kenoly

I live in Atlanta, GA and moved into a fairly new apartment complex.  It was about a year old.  We were never told about the failing fire alarm or we would not have moved there.  My husband is 100% disabled vet; so, you see we could not keep going outside everytime the fire alarm went off.  The sound was so piercing that you had to leave the apartment!  They kept promising that they would have the issue resolved.  It would be quiet for a while and then it would start all over again.  After 8 months we decided to move.  In the meantime the apartments were sold to a new owner.   When we discussed leaving due to the circumstances, we were told we could pay the months lease we were in and we would get our deposit (which was one month’s rent) back as long as the apartment was in good condition.
The apartment was left immaculate.  We had the carpet shampooed (which there was no problem) and left all stainless steel, granite in immaculate condition.  It was an apartment for the disabled and a 1 bedroom was $1200 per month.
When the apartment was inspected the gentlement told us it was immaculate – move in condition was his exact words; however, when we got the deposit back it was only $200 and they said we broke the lease.
I would like to know if disabled people have a right to leave under these circumstances.  My husband is 68 years old and has heart condition, diabetes, agent orange, and multiple myoloma cancer.  We could not continue leaving every time the alarm went off.  It went off so much that the local fire department  told them they would have to start paying fines for them coming over their two and three times per week for false alarms.
Thanks for you help.
Appreciate it.
Marilyn Kenoly
Original apartment – The Heights at Stillhouse Creek
New Owner          –  Bell Vinings

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