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We currently moved into an upstairs apartment with one of the landlords living downstairs, the other landlord is her sister but only handles picking up the rent. In our lease agreement we have stated that we can park both cars in the driveway on the right side. Since the second day we moved in, the landlord who lives there has been very obnoxious about how we park, which by the way never blocks her side. When we leave during the early morning hours FOR WORK, our lights turn on and go into her window, we try to turn these off to be considersate but these are automatic and sometimes we forget. Now her recent request is that if I park in front of my boyfriend, he has to move his car instead of me backing out around him using the left side. She complains all we do is leave and come which stresses her out because she sees us from the window. She wont talk to us, only send text messages. I am very upset and want to get the sister involved because I feel her request in unrelaistic. Do I have any rights to say that when backing out of the driveway, we are allowed to use the left side and basically tell her to shove it? She says we take advantage, but seems like all she is trying to do is pick a problem with us. 

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