No 30 day notice/ Short Sale/ have until Sunday to move

By kellsey

On July 1st, 2011.  we (Maggi, Ramsay and 3yr old daughter Kellsey) moved into a house in Oceanside CA under a verbal rental agreement for a one year lease with the landlord, owner of the property. The landlord stated that he was going to refinance the home in order to avoid foreclosure.  He moved into another property but kept some utilities and received mail in his name during our occupancy. He also kept 1/2 the garage and some furniture and belongings in the house. He told us he would backdate our lease agreement to make sure we were protected. We found out in March, a month ago that he is selling his house through a Quick Sale. He emailed us with a thirty day notice via email and stated he was moving his furniture/ belongings out on April 1st. He has not moved his belongings. We have been fervently looking for a place to move but have not found an adequate house during the holidays (Easter/Passover) Today he called and told us he is shutting off all utilities and he will be spending the night on 4/11/12 to move his belongings. He wants us out Sunday and said that he would put our furniture on the street. He stated we had to be out because he was receiving "cash For Keys and Hafa." He also stated that the quick sale had a clause that all occupants had to be removed in order for the escrow to go through.  He was extremely volatile and threatening on the phone.  We have not received any legal 3 day/ 30 day notice nor notice of sale. 
What are our rights.  We would like to have proper notice and time to pack and relocate.  We have a four year old.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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