No insulation in a drafty leaky house

By Heather

We moved in the home in Feb 2010 and the roof leaked when we moved in. The lanlord said he would get it repaired. He put tar on the roof after the summer started. Four months after we moved in. this did not fix the leaks. He got insurance company to see if the roof was covered under insurance to be replaced. This was six months after we moved in. My utility bills ranged from $350.00 to $385.00 per month for the entire eight months. The hot water heater was also leaking the entire time and we did not know it until it almost flooded the basement. In November the light bill dropped because the landlord replaced the water heater. It dropped almost $200.00. It started getting cold and the light bill went back up to over $200.00. The heating and air man looked in the attic and said the insulation was not up to code and my light bill would be higher in the winter than in the summer. Paying $850.00 a month in rent with $300.00+ light bills is breaking the bank. Is there anything that can be done to force the landlord to make the repairs the house needs?

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May 2nd, 2012 11:55 am

it would probably be cheaper for you to just go buy a few rolls of insulation and put it in your attic than to continue to fight issue. the excess money you are paying on your utilities would more than cover a few rolls of attic insulation that you can put in yourself relatively easily. not only will it be cheaper but it will also be less time consuming and less stress than trying to battle it out with the landlord just to have him paint a target on your back for the future. save your receipts in case push comes to shove and if you really want to be a stickler about it, take the insulation up and take it with you if you move.

i rent a house and have done lots of repairs out of my own pocket. some may say i shouldnt but for me, it’s much easier to do than to fight it over with the landlord just to have him say “no” in the end. plus, i can be certain about how it’s installed (because i’m the one doing it). just my $2.36 worth.


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