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Since moving into this apt. Oct. 2006, I have repeatedly (8-10 times) complained to the Mgr. about my noisy apartment due to children running, screaming, playing in the hallways and my very noisy upstairs neighbors.  After each complaint, it would be bettter for a week or so, and then escalate back to the previous level of noise and disturbance again.  There is no playground at this small complex, and my next-door neighbors allow their children to use the hallways for a playground, where they behave as if they are in a playground!  They gather their friends from the other apts., sometimes as many as 5 or 6 of them will all run, play chase, kick balls, yelling and screaming the whole time.  This is not only a serious disturbance, it’s a physical hazard.  I’m disabled, and walk with difficulty, so I worry that we will collide and cause injury.  I have mediation appt. tomorrow (Monday, 6-16) @ 4:00 between the Mgr., the lady next door and myself. My upstairs neighbor has 4 or 5 children, all of whom stay with him several days (and nights) a week…in a 1-bdr apt!!!  They stomp, throw things, drop things, move furniture, play music so loud I can’t talk on the phone or hear my t.v. My questions:  What legal steps should I take if the mediation does no good?  My apartment noise complaint is driving me crazy. What legal steps is my Mgr. obliged to take?  If I am forced to move because of this, can I force the apt. complex owner (Weidner Investment Svcs.) to pay my moving expenses?  I have been looking at other places to move, specifically 55+ places, and unfortunately the one I’ve found that I want to move to is also owned by Weidner.  If I were to force them to pay my moving expenses, could they refuse to rent to me in another property they own?  I love my apartment, and the complex.  It’s clean, well-maintained, in a great location, and has fabulous veiws of the mountains.  And except for a couple of families, the neighbors are all very quiet.  I do not want to move!  If I do, it is only because of the problems I’ve told you about, and I’ve told the Mgr. this.  Please help, and thank you ahead of time for any advice.

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