Not getting full deposit back.

By anonymous

In March 2011 I put down the full deposit of $300.00 on a one bedroom apartment. I stated that I wanted to move in June 1st of 2011. At the beginning of May I called the landlord to let him know that I was moving back to my parent’s home for the summer and I would not be able to move in until August 1st. They said that it was fine but they were not positive they would have an apartment in August for me but I thought for sure that something would open so I told them that I still wanted to be considered. In mid June I called to ask if they knew if they would have an apartment open for me and they said no but to keep checking back. At the beginning of July I called back to see if they had any openings and they told me that they would not have one and they would have to refund my full deposit, in which I agreed. Then, about a week later they called me and said that they could move me into a two bedroom apartment until a one bedroom opened up and they could lease it to me for the same price of a one bedroom. The catch was that the only two bedrooms they had available were upstairs when I specifically asked for a downstairs apartment due to some hip trouble I have. I told them that that would not work and to refund me my deposit and they said okay. The next day they called and said that they have a one bedroom opening up downstairs for August 1st and they will hold it for me so I told them that would be great. Less than a week later my mom went to the apartment complex and was about to sign the papers (about July 14) when I told her that I though it would be best to save money and to continue living at home with them. So my mom did not sign anything and  told me to think about it and then to call them back the next day and let them know for sure what I was doing. (When my mom was talking to the land lord they told her that the deposit amount had actually gone up to $400.00 and that I would have to pay the extra $100.00 to move in.) The next day I called them back and told them that I was not going to be able to move in at all and that I did not think I would have enough money to live there. The landlord’s assistant said that he understood and that they would not have any trouble renting out a one bedroom very fast. He said he would talk to the landlord about getting my deposit back and would give me a call back. He never called me back and after 3 attempts to talk to someone about my deposit I was finally told that I would only be getting back $100.00 of the deposit because of all the trouble I caused them and that they had held an apartment for me for so long. 

They told me at the beginning of July that they wouldn’t even have an apartment open for me so really they had not been holding one open for me. I don’t understand why I am not getting my full deposit back when they are the ones who told me that I probably wouldn’t have a place to live. I understand that I did cause some trouble but at the same time they caused me quite a bit of stress during May to July, thinking that I wasn’t going to have a place to live come August 1st. Who is in the wrong in this situation and what should I do to fix it? Thank you! 

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