Oral Lease Agreement

By Teena

I have been having a lot of problems with my landlord the past month. I have an oral lease with my landlord for a term of 1 year. She recently decided to move some family in with her and wants us out so she can move them in. We have only lived here for 4 months and she tried to take us to court for non-payment of rent. She lost her case as we were able to prove we had paid in full to date. Since then things have been a nightmare. The landlord lives in the mobile home in front of us and shares a main driveway with us. Her personal driveway is now so over crowded with vehicles she can’t get out so they have started using our front yard to cut through to get out to the main drive. They have repeatedly driven over my childrens toys doing this. We recently lined the edge of the property line with cinder blocks to prevent them from cutting through. She called the police and said we “stole” the cinder blocks out of her yard. They were taken from the woods behind our house when we first moved in to build a burn pit with her knowledge and it had never been an issue before now. Since it was our word against hers the police told her to come get the cinder blocks. We asked the officer what we could do to prevent her from cutting through our yard. He told us nothing as we only rent the mobile home not the lot, she can come on the property anytime she wants and do whatever she wants and that we cannot prevent her access to cutting through our yard. Is this really legal? I don’t understand how we can only rent the mobile and not the lot especially since we are responsible for all yard maintenance.

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January 20th, 2009 9:15 am

Typically when you rent a mobile home you are renting the actual mobile home, however the lot is still the ownership of the landlord. That means that the landlord can do whatever they want with their property.
You have no right to construct any type of structure on the lot, unless you have written permission from the landlord.


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