patiently waiting but things keep getting worse

By Tenant

 my first time renting after looking into some different apartment complexes, it seemed as though moving into student living with 2 of my cousins seemed like the best choice, we would each have individual leases, near aged neighbors and our own bathrooms.

we were set to move in july 1st, we were told we wouldnt have many choices available, but would get a call as soon as they had some options ready. just a week prior we finally got a call, i had to work so 1 of my cousins (a lease holder) went to see our unit. he told me they only had 1 available, 4307. june 30 1 day prior! i get a call from the supervisor who i had been dealing with, said there was a hiccup and that the previous tenant had left their furniture! they needed 1 more day, maybe more to remove the property. july2nd, i get the call that the apt was ready, i alert my cousin to prepare to move in with all the stuff i bought to move in. his car was towed and had no way to accomplish this. he wasnt going to be able to afford the rent, so because i was visiting my bf and nothing could be done immediatly i just tried to enjoy my well deserved weekend the best i could, stress free. the office was closed july 4th so i called july 5th no answer, july 6th no answer, then after another try an answer; i explain the situation and ask what options we had.i called back a few hrs later with ideas to renegotiate my lease to a yr long so that my cousin who i co-signed for wouldnt be a burden and to delay the other cousins lease as much as possible. "tom" repeatedly cut me off, and refused to work with me until the cousin with the car problem had an answer for him. after getting ahold of that cousin we had agreed to work with the leasing agent to find the best solution rather then starting a legal war. so i called back on the 9th and wasnt able to get ahold of "tom" up until the 21st i wasnt able to get ahold of him, after message after message absolutly nothing.

i finally talked to tom who proceeded to conversate as if nothing was wrong, i was being as patient as possible expecting to be able to move in asap, and as easy as possible. not only was i told that they had another unit available, but that there were still 2 girls living there who were moving out in a week. expecting to be able to walk through and choose my own room on the 23rd, i wasnt able to until the 24th. i was told i had to give the $ order to the tenant, who also worked in the office, before i got my keys. there was no checklist whatso ever and the girl simply got her dog and took a walk, i was never told she had a dog! what if i was allergic or just didnt want a dog? i walked into my room and i was mortified. my parents came with me to help me move and i had paid to use the truck for the day so i left my stuff locked in the room. the room was still dirty, the blinds were damaged, there was a burn and stain on the carpet, there were human hairballs scattered in the hall and bathroom. someones eye solution and tissue was left there along with some comforter or blanket left on the bulit in desk. the room was much smaller then the model we were presented, if i knew it was that size i wouldnt have boughten a brand new bed just after signing the lease and being promised everything would be ready. in addition, the door showed signs of a possible break in, the doorknob was rickety and loose and the doorframe had chipped paint from what looked like it had been damaged due to a break in. i took pictures, locked the door and left a message about my complaints. monday mornin i call "tom" who hadnt recieved my message yet, after listening to my complaint, he said he would have it cleaned and i could be moved to another room but snapped at me when i proceeded to question the situation about the unit we were told we were assigned and why he ignored us for almost 2 weeks, he rushed me off the phone and after looking up complaints, i can see im not the one doing wrong, contrary to the way "tom" is portraying

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March 13th, 2012 3:17 pm

That sound terrible! That landlord needs some improvement on communication, or if he is unavailable, he should have a manager appointed to handle the communication. Did you file a complaint against him with the RPA or just a verbal complaint? Did you choose to stay in the broken in room, or did you attempt to get a new lease for a new room? Hope it works out for you.


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