Increasingly Poor Living Conditions

By Heather Marie

We moved into our apartment in January. Have always paid our rent on time and are respectful neighbors to those around us. We have had number of minor issues up until recently that include doors coming off of their hinges, broken ventilation fan, loss of power to entire wall of outlets in kitchen, loss of power to the entire lower level of the apartment, closet door tracks being broken, broken bath tub faucet, etc. Almost all of these minor issues took at least 2-3 weeks to repair and some, more than one visit to repair due to temporary fixes. Within the last two months, we have began experiencing more issues that we feel are pretty severe and would not qualify as anything close to fair living conditions for good tenants. To begin with, we had a power outlet that had the cover break off. It began sizzling and smoking one day to the point where I feared that it would result in a fire. It took hours for a maintenance man to show up. I had to threaten to call the fire department to get someone out. The office responded very defensively and rudely when i stated that we needed to call the fire department. As a result of bug, spider, and mice issues, the neighbors informed us that they were leaving. Shortly after recieving a notice that bug exterminations would be taken place, we then began having issues with ants, spiders, roaches, other insects, and even mice! After advising the leasing office of the infestations, we were advised that we would be placed on the waiting list for the extermination that was supposed to have taken place approximately 1-2 months prior. We now have a child due in just over 2 months and would like to persue a new lease agreement with another complex that will be more fit for living. As advised by our current complex, it would cost us 2 months of rent and the cost of the normal monthly living going forward until the apartment is filled by new tenants for us to break our lease. Considering the carelessness and lack of attention to our requests, what would you suggest we do to fight the cost of breaking our current lease agreement?

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One Response to “Increasingly Poor Living Conditions”

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Shawn Lawrence

February 4th, 2011 11:38 am

I have a problem with lizards coming in to my apartment. Managers arent helping.


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