Problem after I moved out.

By Spencer Arthur

Hi everyone,

   I, my wife and 12 year old son had been renting a 2 bedroom home for 13 years. (yes a year prior to his birth) One evening without warning my Dad stops by the house. He tells me that the son-n-law of my landlord wanted to know if we could find a new place to live in 3 weeks. Well I was floored and saddened at the least. Then I had to tell my wife and son. My landlord had now wanted to sell the property without an option for me to buy. My wife then called my landlord and she was furious that her son-n-law had let the cat out of the bag. She wanted us to continue to live there and pay rent until someone bought it. We told her we could not do that and it wasn’t fair to us. We told her we would be out before the next rent was due, which was in three weeks. She said she was really going to miss the rent money if we left, nothing about us personally. When we moved in there was a lot of previous renters junk and trash left behind in some outbuildings and the house. We cleaned the house and left the buildings alone. We moved out on the day which we stated to the landlord and she stated we could stay as long as we paid rent. (yeah no kiddin’) We found a place not far. Now her grandson is threating to have the junk from the previous renters hauled off and send me a bill. Not once in 13 years did they inspect the property or due any repairs. I put down new carpet, replaced the roof on the back porch, the roof on the rear of the house, fixed numerous water leaks and installed a $2500 HVAC system in the house. The landlord only paid for materials on the roofs and carpet. Only $250 toward the HVAC system. They paid me no labor on any of it or deduct it fom rent. Unfornutely I had considered these people as family only for them to do this. Do I have any rights to tell them to back off and leave us alone? It hasn’t been quite 3 weeks since we moved out. I have no before pictures but neither do they. Thank you for taking the time to read this. BTW I live in WV.
Spencer Arthur

Edited on: Tuesday, May 6th, 2014 4:56 pm

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